The Beers

Spitfire Tourney Ales

Spitfire Tourney Ales

Take two and a half days of non-stop hockey, combine with fresh homemade ales shared between teammates and what do you get? A lot of happy hockey players!

“Between the Pipes”

The Inaugural Brew

In response to all the straw colored beers that people drink in the summer, I made a brew that had a deep red color, some “umph” in the malt department, and a mix of spicy and earthy northwest hops for a 6.5 percent Amber IPA. To please my non-IPA drinkers I made sure to kept the bitterness to a minimum.


Malts: 2-row and C-60
Bittering Hops: Columbus
Late Additions: Chinook, Columbus, and Simcoe
Dry Hops: Chinook, Columbus, and Simcoe

“Staying for One”

Originally called “Going for One”, pays homage to our team trips to a local bar after games. I overlooked that the beer was to be consumed in the parking lot of the ice rink and thanks to a teammates keen observation (technically we were staying instead of going) thus the name change. Thanks, Greg Cross J.


Malts: 2-row and German CaraMunich
Bittering Hops: Apollo
Late Additions: Apollo and Comet
Dry Hops: Comet

Coming next year “Dankalitis”

Due to the recent craze of describing hops in beer as “dank”, I have decided to jump on the wagon but with a little twist of my own. In hockey, a dangle is when you make an amazing move with the puck on your opponent and are able to get by them. Urban Dictionary defines danglitis as: a slightly contagious disease in which one cannot stop dangling. Thus “Dankalitis” is when you use dank to describe every hoppy beer you have.

Malts: TBD
Bittering Hops: Dank varieties
Late Additions: Lots of Dankness
Dry Hops: Over the top Dankness